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Custom Software

Logic1 has a reputation for spotting simple and cost effective solutions to benefit your business.

This reputation has earned us trust and helped us develop long term relationships with our clients. As our clients challenges change they call upon us to partner with them again and again.


Creating custom software is an endeavour that requires a lot of trust, flexibility and cooperation between our clients and ourselves.  It can be a long process but can enable our clients to reap rewards that they would otherwise be unable to achieve.

We understand the complexities that come with running a business smoothly and that sometimes the technology that is available might not suit their unique circumstances. It can be a long winded and laborious task for them to fully analyse the information they need to help make strategic decisions for their business.

We offer a wide range of solutions to help improve your businesses reporting, data integrity, business processes and procedures as well as data entry efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

With the use of a businesses current infrastructure we can help businesses utilise their current software more efficiently to complete day to day processing such as order entry and processing, account reconciliation, stock management etc.

With our technical know-how and understanding of what information you need to run your business, we can help you in completing these tasks quicker and even automate them when possible in a cost effective manner.

Idea & Discussion



Testing & deployment

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