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About Us

Here at Logic1, we use a unique combination of refined technical skills and time tested business knowledge to help you continue to evolve and improve your business.

As a whole team we have collected a wealth of information on the many different aspects that make your business run. We have also been fortunate enough to have been involved in projects from a variety of industries ranging from food production, all the way to government and industrial warehousing.

Though, with these years experience we have all kept one thought in our mind. Our industry is ever changing and evolving, and so are the industries and businesses we help.

Logic1 Systems not only strives to improve and develop our customers businesses, but we will also strive to acquire more skills in existing and new technology to help us move forward in this changing technological world. 

We have a strong belief that creating a long lasting relationship with our clients is done through a marriage of collaboration, flexibility and perseverance, and that these are the beliefs that will help us aid you in providing solutions that are above and beyond your initial expectations.

Logic + Creativity = Brilliance

Our world around us is changing.

In areas, where beautiful pastures and landscapes once lay, highways now stretch. Ready to carry those of us who want to escape the confines of our cities. Those of us who are ready to get back to nature.

But in the midst of this migration back to the natural world, another world around is still in its infancy. Small still, yet in the few short decades it has existed, it has already consumed our lives.


The Digital Age is upon us.

 With the birth of the internet and subsequent creations like smartphones. Learning and connecting have never been easier. Our businesses are growing and adapting, becoming more refined as new technology comes available. Processes that were once tedious and time consuming can now be done by a computer, freeing up valuable time for more pressing issues.

Lives are becoming easier for a lot of people.

And then theres us.

The 'I.T. people'.

The developers, the programers, the midnight coders.

The ones who work in the background. Unnoticed by most, we create and refine this new world around us. Tweaking and perfecting to amplify benefits. 

But it is beautiful work.

The testing and launching a new system can be like watching the sun rise. Watching a new day begin for a company, allowing them to evolve and grow. 

And to anyone who doesn't see the beauty in what we do, remember this; Facebook single handedly connected the world, Google has almost every piece of information known to mankind, Microsoft revolutionized the way you work, and Apple brought everything together and stylishly put it in the palm of your hand.

The Technology Industry is not filled with boring, one dimensional workers. We are the creators of our future, multi faceted, perspicuous and innovative. And each of us make up one small piece of much bigger, brilliant picture.

Meet Our Logo!

The Kea

Originating from the south island of New Zealand, this dull looking fellow isn't as boring as his more colourful counterparts in the tropics.

We as IT Consultants understand that unwelcome feeling of being pegged as mundane office folk, especially compared to some of the more flashier industries. 

But here at Logic1, we also understand that great things can come from the most unassuming places.

Meet some of our team








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