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Integration Platform

Here at Logic1, we have the belief that making a connection is more important than creating an individual process. Businesses are made up of hundreds upon hundreds of different processes, all being performed by different systems simultaneously, but towards a common goal. Connecting all these processes can sometimes be difficult.We have found that connecting all these tasks can prove to be one of the most beneficial things a business can do.

This is where INTERG8 comes in.

We have created a framework that enables businesses to integrate all systems via a tested and proven set of methodologies. On top of this is a management console that allows users to monitor the status of individual processed and see all messages pertaining to that task. They will have the ability to resend, receive and log the status of all messages. 

We have included customisable featured to help tailor this to your current system and allow access to all system configuration settings. Giving you the opportunity to setup features and alerts that are important to you.

receive message

Receive and account for every message

Transform Message

Transform message content for destination system

Send message

Send and account for all messages


Manage reporting, exceptions and user alerts

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